Cannabis Cures Cancer And The Government Has Known Since 1974


US Government labels cannabis as a Schedule 1 Narcotic, or in other words as narcotic with little to no known medical value. (Although it holds patents which state the opposite) the FDA approved Marinol is synthesized THC.

Why is that people are been imprisoned for using raw cannabis, while using the plant after been taken most of the medicine out of it by the government and their corporate owners is perfectly fine, and charged a huge sum for it? We will explain.

It’s not possible that the US Government doesn’t know the medicinal properties of cannabis. Its medicinal properties have been known and used for over 10,000 years, while in US it has been used as a medicine more than 100 years.

Cannabis was in over a 100 over-the-counter medicines for many different reasons. From nausea and pain medication to sleeping tonics.

One of the main reasons it’s still illegal is that the pharmaceutical companies will lose trillions of profits over the years and the US Government knows this.

The little known fact is that the government has been helping the huge pharmaceutical companies block various natural remedies for decades, one of which is the cannabis. What’s more, the US Government knows that cannabis cures cancer since 1974.

Richard Nixon wanted higher budget for his war on drugs in 1972. He believed that if he succeeded to prove that lung cancer can be caused by cannabis in the same way as cigarettes, he would obtain the needed support.

Nixon gave the Medical College of Virginia two year-period to analyze the cannabinoids effects on the body (like CBD and THC).

The study was completed after 2 years, in 1974. It showed that when consumed in forms that are highly concentrated, like consuming cannabis oil, the cannabinoids attack all mutated cells in the body, simultaneously rejuvenating and strengthening the healthy ones. As a matter of fact.

The researchers have found the ideal cure for cancer! It was proven that it worked effectively, fast, on many cancer forms and in all stages without any harmful side effects, as oppose to chemotherapy which deteriorates the whole body and kills one in five cancer patients. What’s more, it was proven that it dissolves tumor in any form, as well as fight MRSA and other super-bugs.

Nevertheless, Richard Nixon was quite furious when he saw the results of the study. He deemed the study classified and throw the whole report in the trash.

Gerald Ford stopped all public researches on cannabis in 1976, and gave major pharmaceutical companies exclusive research rights. However, they didn’t manage to produce synthetic forms of THC which will provide the medical benefits of cannabis without the “high”.

This study was revealed several years ago by dedicated law and medical experts who filed Freedom of Information Requests. One of the main reasons why the Government lied is pharmaceutical companies. Although they know that cannabis is the cure for cancer, they spend billions every year to keep it illegal, of course because of enormous profit.

People save money their entire life and are willing to sell everything they have to pay for various cancer treatment drugs and chemotherapy. In most cases, they spend every penny they have and die anyway.

We all know that if the people in US found out that the Government has been hiding the cure for cancer more than 40 years, and that it could have saved millions of people, and that the cure for cancer can be grown in anyone’s own garden, they will go nuts over it.

Furthermore, the US Government possesses a Patent on Cannabis as well its medicinal effects. According to the US Patent 6630507, cannabinoids help in the treatment and prevention of various diseases, including stroke, auto-immune diseases, Alzheimer’s, HIV dementia, Parkinson’s, and trauma.

The patent is based on a National Institute of Health research, and it was awarded in 2003 and assigned to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

If you can’t tell why Hemp oil is different than cannabis oil we will explain for you. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are only soluble in alcohol and fats. That’s why we often use it cookies and cakes and saute it in butter. You can prepare your own Canna-butter, or Cannabis Ghee, and use it as you use a normal butter.

To make cannabis oil, crush raw cannabis in as close to 100 percent grain alcohol as possible. After straining it, carefully cook off the alcohol. You will get highly concentrated form of pure medicine.

The seeds of the Hemp plant undergo cold-pressing to extract the healthy Hemp oil. This oil is mostly used for food and fuel, but it doesn’t possess the ability to cure cancer as it doesn’t contain THC. This is why it’s legal to buy it in certain places.

We know you will do everything you can to get cannabis oil for you or some close one that desperately needs it, but unfortunately, you can only find it in cannabis dispensaries in places that sell it legally.

Other way is to prepare it at home, but besides complicated, that’s also very dangerous since you can be caught for alcohol fumes and legal repercussions. The video below shows how to make the oil at home.

All things considered, we think it’s well worth the risks as it has managed to save the lives of thousands of people from certain deaths because of many deadly diseases like cancer.

If you type ‘Cannabis cures Cancer’ or ‘Cannabis cured my cancer’ on youtube, you will find many people trying to spread the word about this cure. Here are other ways to use cannabis: Cannabis Salve, Raw Cannabis Juice, Cannabis Ghee, Grain Alcohol Extraction (the previously mentioned oil), and Cannabis Tincture.

The video below shows how to make the oil yourself, but since it’s complicated, you can legally order the cannabis oil with very high CBD and low THC called Elixinol.

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