CO: Marijuana Sommelier Takes The Munchies To A Whole New Level


No joke – dude’s a weed sommelier.

Ask grass-o-phile Philip Wolf, 31, of Silverthorne, Colo., where smoking pot is legal, who’s one of the first to hold that job in the U.S. He rose to that position after completing two levels of study at the Trichome Institute in Denver. The school notes that it “sets the highest standards of education and certification in the cannabis industry.” Dude.

The occupation was waiting to happen – and the legalization of Mary Jane helped. Foodies are forever seeking new ways to enhance dining experiences – and wine-pairings are so been-there, sipped that. But what grass will bring out the best in that grass-fed sirloin? Wolf prides himself on knowing.

At his business, Cultivating Spirits, he consults with a chef who creates a menu around various cannabis strains along with wines. “This is a cannabis pairing dinner, not a dinner where the cannabis is infused into the food,” the site emphasizes.

The goal is to punch up palates – and to chill. “What I’m trying to teach millennials is to slow down a little bit,” Wolf told Bloomberg, “to get in tune with themselves and what they’re putting in their bodies, to focus on different tastes and textures.”

A three-course meal for 10 typically cost about $1,250, while a full-service wedding package will be closer to $10,000. That’s more than a joint and a bag of chips. But if you’re not in Colorado or are a non-foodie, armchair experts tell me that most any weed pairs nicely with cheese puffs, the crunchy kind if you’re feeling fancy.

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