OH: Trotwood Residents Discuss Medical Marijuana With Council Members


Trotwood, Ohio – Several Trotwood citizens, gave their thoughts on whether medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or dispensing facilities should be within city limits to council members on Monday.

Many residents said they wouldn’t mind some sort of business opening up as long as the operation sticks to strict rules.

Others said the area has enough trouble with drugs the way it is and they don’t want the city to add to the problem.

“I don’t think that’s something we want to deal with we have enough trouble with drugs in the community now,” said one resident.

“If this is going to be something to consider strict legislation, strict monitoring over the practitioner that is actually running the outlet is going to be necessary,” said another resident.

As city leaders work to grow Trotwood’s economy some residents said they don’t want to miss out on a budding business opportunity that others might jump on.

“If everybody else around us approves the use of this or even some approve it, they’re going to see significant economic development and we’re going to be left behind,” said Trotwood resident, Dawn Wojcik.

Earlier this summer, council members passed a six-month moratorium on the issuance of permits for medical marijuana businesses within city limits. The ban expires in January and was approved by leaders to give them more time to research the issue.

“If we’re going to grow it out here, we need to make sure everybody is safe,” said council member Scott Sly, Sr.

According to Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald, every department within the city’s government will be asked to research how a medical marijuana facility would affect them and report to council at a later date.

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