CA: Coachella Medical Marijuana Operation One Step Closer


Coachella, Ca. – Ajax Auto Wrecking has been operating in the City of Coachella for over 50 years. But the current owners, Paul Pavo and John Kearney say they’re making way for a new industry, marijuana.

For Pavo, the decision didn’t come easy, "We’ve enjoyed being here in Coachella and operating our business successfully … so when the mayor and the city had the vision to designate this area for medical marijuana cultivation we saw an opportunity but also a little hesitation."

Their 14 acre property lies in 200 acres the city has turned into a zone for cultivating marijuana. Benjamin Levine CEO of Del-Gro plans to build large scale grow and processing facilities on the Ajax property, the largest of its kind in the state.

"We have plans to develop over 1 million square feet on this phase of development here on the Ajax property we’re going to have 14 buildings they’re each going to be divided into two spaces for tenants we expect right around 25 to 28 different tenants and different companies to rent from us they’re going to have their own infrastructure as far as grower and cultivators go and we at Del-Gro are going to handle all the processing of the plant for them," says Levine.

He plans on processing 36 thousand pounds of marijuana per year, with revenue projected to be about $80 million. But if the project gets final approval by the planning commission and the city council, the city stands to gain jobs and where from $2 to $6 million in tax revenue on this project alone.

"Close to 10 percent of our operating budget and it means that the city will have more revenue to fix up streets, to provide services in the form of parks and recreation and public safety … a real game changer for the city," says Luis Lopez the city’s Development Services Director.

The planning commission will vote on the permit on December 21, 2016 and if it passes then it’s on to it’s last hurdle, the city council on January 4, 2017.

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