OR: Marijuana Delivery Services Are Coming To Portland


Portland on Wednesday blessed "marijuana couriers" and other pot-related "micro" business types in a move to ease financial barriers for entrepreneurs.

The council voted unanimously to immediately adopt the additions and other changes to the city’s marijuana code.

"Since the state regulations keep changing and the industry keep flourishing, we’ll be coming back with multiple changes I’m sure," Commissioner Amanda Fritz said. "I look forward to that time."

Courier businesses can now produce marijuana and other cannabis products but they can sell it only through delivery.

Like other marijuana businesses, couriers need a licensed headquarters within a permitted building in an area where it’s allowed by city zoning rules. All marijuana retailers licensed with the city must first obtain a license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Couriers cannot sell pot from storefronts. But they can open their licensed headquarters near other marijuana businesses. Traditional retailers and dispensaries must keep their shops at least 1,000 feet apart.

Current pot businesses licensed by the city and the Oregon Health Authority on or before July 1, 2015, and still in good standing, do not need to meet the distance requirement.

Another amendment addresses a sometimes slow and burdensome process for businesses transitioning from providing medical to recreational marijuana. It allows marijuana shops to operate without a city-issued "marijuana regulatory license" for up to five business days after the state grants them a retail license.

To get a city license, marijuana business owners must fill out a personal history form. They must also obtain an alarm permit from the Portland Police Bureau and an electrical permit for the Bureau of Development Services. They also need proof of an air filtration system.

Any violation of the city’s code could result in a fine of up to $5,000. Enforcement falls to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, currently led by Fritz.

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